Testing Procedures

The information below may only make sense if you have taken one of my seminars in person or by video and is provided to help people that have test kits by test AK Test Kits 970 201-7406.

What I recommend is that when you get the kits, mark the composite vials (labeled mixed fungi, mixed bacteria, mixed virus, mixed parasite, mixed rickettsia, mixed chlamydia, mixed protozoa, mixed metals) with a sharpie or magic marker on top for easier locating. Vials test well with or without a magnet (and are not ruined by magnets) though if you do not use a magnet place the vial on either GV20 or GV27 for testing.

One at a time test the composite vials. If any weaken a strong muscle suspect the patient may have that organism and see what substance negates it based on the instructions of our regular seminars (e.g. composite fungus vial blocked by Melia Supreme). The rickettsia, protozoa, and chlamydia are typically blocked by anti-parasitic herbs). Follow the regular treatment protocols.

I typically do not test the individual microbe vials unless the problem does not resolve readily.

In the case of metals, if the composite vial tests positive I always test the metals individually so I can track them each visit.

Desensitization is done as before with the master set points as taught in our seminars.

If you need more information you can call or email me.