In applied kinesiology we are often limited by the accuracy of the practitioner and the test kits he or she utilizes. Over the 25 years I have been practicing, I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours comparing test kits to see which are the most accurate, that is having the least amount of false positive and false negative results. We would often compare our testing results to lab tests. I would also when possible double blind myself and patients and test various kits and collect data and then later after 25-50 patients analyze the data and draw conclusions based on it.

In 2003 I spent 2 months exhaustively doing blinded comparisons between the diagnostic testing procedures I have taught for years and some screening substances made by a manufacturer in England and I found a very high percentage correlation. If anything, using her test vials were even a little more sensitive and accurate then the methods I was then using. I was, to be honest, totally surprised and thrilled. Since then many doctors have concurred with me that they too felt these kits were yielding more accurate information than previous ones they were using.

As a result I have had the manufacturer custom make test kits to fit my needs and those of similar practitioners (otherwise you'd have to pay lots more and get many vials you would not need). I have set up my wife and son to distribute these customized kits. To be honest the profit is minimal but we wanted to make them available.

The beauty of the kits is that testing is very quick, easy and accurate. Screening patients has become simplified and time effective without losing any accuracy as often can be the case when you streamline procedures.

If you decide to order by credit card, your info will be forwarded to the manufacturer in England who bills in GBP's (Great Britain Pounds) so we can only quote approximate prices (which should be quite close). If you pay by check it will be US dollars at a price that reflects the current conversion rates. Colorado residents will be charged sales tax. Most of you that use my procedures will find it simple to switch. You can order as few or as many kits as desired.

Just as in all our substance testing for example, if someone weakens on a vial of strept, we cannot tell the patient "you have strept". If though, it is negated by an anti-bacterial like Berbercap by Thorne or Morinda Supreme by Mid American Marketing, and their patient history is suggestive , I would feel comfortable saying "Your history and our testing suggest you may have a bacterial problem". We cannot make a definitive diagnosis though results from the tests and subsequent treatment can often go a long way in helping restore someone to wellness. If needed a 5 hour video of our testing procedures is available for sale at

Test kits are shipped directly from the manufacturer in England and it typically takes about 2 weeks. The kits should have an indefinite shelf life and do not appear to be harmed by magnets or other electromagnetic devices. Shipping is approximately 7% extra.

I highly recommend these kits and encourage you to order soon. They have revolutionized my practice. I have posted a list of the individual vials in each of the kits. The kits will include in many instances composite vials so you can do quick and easy screenings for microbes etc. If needed we can send more detailed information over e-mail.

Most of these kits are customized and only available through AK Test Kits (970 201-7406). They will not be available if ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Lifework Potential now offers a sturdy white cardboard box and lid with space for 63 vials lying flat. When the box is closed, it is 17 x 27 x 2 cm (6.8 x 10.8 x 0.8 inches). Cost is $17. You can view a picture on the website.

Plastic Holders for the testing vials do not come with the kits due to overseas costs but are available on lifeworkpotential's site. The test kit holders we use are manufactured in the US and can be found at most gun or sporting goods' stores or ordered online.
100 Vials
50 Vials (Choose the P-50-44)

We have found another supplier for vials holders.
Biomedical Marketing Associates (724) 935-6840
They are approximately $4.95 each and hold 100 vials. They only have that one size in the plastic but are of good materials, close tight and offer more colors.
Please see the cases here and go to the bottom of the page searching for PP2-100

PP2-100 ea. $4.95
PP2-100 ea. $4.95

They also offer a cardboard case that will hold 25. Search for B2CM along with the D25M for the 25 cell divider